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About 930Gaming

930Gaming is the official website of Nick930, that provides full written reviews, comparisons, and retrospectives on all of the biggest game franchises. 




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   "Nick930" is a YouTube identity I created way back in 2007 to host a series of "Battlefield 2" videos I had created in collaboration with "The Sir Community." After college, I revisited the channel, uploading benchmark videos of the latest PC games and extended gameplay walkthroughs. After spending years with the severe lack of features offered by Windows Movie Maker, I transitioned to Sony Vegas, and began experimenting with the available features, with the intention to create side-by-side videos to compare games. 

   This is where the popular "Direct Comparison" series took shape, as I started to narrate my videos and provide a comprehensive breakdown of all of the major graphical features offered in the latest games. The channel really started to take off in early 2018, with a series of "Far Cry 5" comparisons that helped put me on the map. 

   Alongside these comparisons, I also continued to expand on my game reviews, with full written scripts to organize my thoughts, and a focus on trying to capture relevant gameplay footage to help explain my reasoning. 

   Because of my significant interest in retro games, I began developing my "Retrospective" series, starting with a set of videos detailing the "History of Battlefield." These failed to gain much traction despite the significant amount of effort applied to them, but eventually, the Retrospective series took off with my "History of Tomb Raider" and "History of Assassin's Creed" videos. From here, I've continued to make 1-large documentary on a major game franchise each month, with my latest "History of Call of Duty" dialing in at nearly 2 hours. 

The channel will continue to grow and evolve, with the goal of reaching 1 Million subscribers on YouTube, and plans to expand staffing to incorporate more consistent content releases. 

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